I write to express relief and thanks to Domhnall Dods for his letter (January 18) drawing attention to the puerile behaviour of unionist MPs at Westminster when Scotland is the theme of discussion.

Over the last year in particular I have regularly watched Scottish Questions at Westminster, and have grown more and more appalled at how such locker- room bullying behaviour can be allowed to continue.

When an SNP MP tries to speak, what they say is drowned by deliberate noise and distraction from unionist-minded MPs. The Speaker does nothing to control this. Blatantly and inanely biased questions are asked, which jeer at, distort and denigrate everything to do with Scotland's forthcoming referendum.

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The ignorant and loutish members of parliament who perpetrate this nonsense have no business representing anyone as an MP.

Scottish Questions at Westminster is a farce and those wreckers should be brought to book, or the sessions discontinued for the waste of time and money that they are.

Tessa Ransford,

31 Royal Park Terrace,