President Bill Clinton left office with his reputation diminished after being impeached for perjury with regard to his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

And if David Cameron or any head of government were ever unfortunate enough to be be found by the police in a public place in flagrante delicto with a woman other than his wife committing adultery for the first time one can only wonder what fire-storm of adverse publicity would descend on him (provided it wasn't subject to a D notice and we actually found out about it).

Thankfully Glasgow has a far more tolerant attitude to sexual peccadilloes as can be witnessed by the handling of Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson's recent brush with the police. As you say in your editorial ("Challenge faced by council leader to restore reputation", The Herald, January 19), his colleagues have rallied round him and I am certain self-interest plays no part in this circling of the wagons.

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Mercifully we and his fellow councillors are adult enough to be able to divorce behaviour in public life from that in private life and appreciate that somebody who cannot be trusted by his partner can be as straight as a die in a professional capacity.

David J Crawford

Flat 3/3, 131 Shuna Street,


Like many others, I think Cllr Matheson should resign from his post. He has brought more shame to the City Chambers.

The fact the procurator-fiscal has decided not to prosecute raises a large question mark. Being caught committing an offensive act and openly admitting to it shows Cllr Matheson's arrogance.

A man with his morals should leave the council and keep his personal preferences indoors, not in a public park. What if children had witnessed the act? He has shown the electorate he is both arrogant and shameless.

Alexander Lindsay,

184 Baldwin Avenue,

Knightswood, Glasgow.