I refer to the report on Prince Harry's exploits in Afghanistan ("Prince Harry admits he took insurgents 'out of the game''', The Herald, January 22).

Fortunately life has moved on somewhat since the year 1743, when the Battle of Dettingen took place. That was the last time a British monarch, in the form of George II, personally led his army into battle.

A number of members of the royal family have since served with distinction in the armed forces, including Lord Mountbatten and Prince Philip.

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However, I view with disquiet some of the content of the publicity with regard to Prince Harry's activities against the Taliban, particularly in relation to the statement that he killed some of them.

I believe it to be ill-judged on two counts:

l In attempting to create an image of a macho young prince fighting on behalf of the UK and its allies it is intemperate. How many other serving members of the armed forces come out of a theatre of war after a spell of duty to a fanfare of having killed some of the enemy?

l If anything, I believe it will make him regrettably even more of a target to terrorist/insurgent groups. In this regard, I am hoping to be proved wrong.

This was an unwise attempt, at least in part, to boost the image of Captain Wales. The interview could have been better managed by those responsible for setting it up.

Ian W Thomson,

38 Kirkintilloch Road,