I NOTE with interest Ruth Davidson's plans to increase the appeal of the Conservative Party in Scotland ("Davidson in move to give Tories fresh Scots image", The Herald, January 26).

There is a certain irony in the Tories going down the road of seeking extended devolution given the fact that they strenuously opposed its introduction in the first place. Apart from their single MP , the major part of their parliamentary presence is attributable to devolution with its system of proportional representation, since most of their MSPs have not been directly elected.

We have come far from the heady days for the Scottish Conservatives when they last had a majority of seats in Scotland following the General Election of 1955. Ruth Davidson has what can only be described as a massive task in front of her to enhance the electability of Conservative candidates. The scars of the Thatcher years in Scotland continue to live on for many people and that inheritance continues to blight the prospects of her successors even after all the intervening years.

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The role of Ruth Davidson in Scotland can be likened to that of Sisyphus, King of Corinth, in trying to get the heavy stone up to the top of the hill in the world of Hades only for it to roll to the bottom again. I wonder how long she will be in the job before despair sets in at the futility of it all.

Ian W Thomson,

38 Kirkintilloch Road, Lenzie.