I AGREE with Ken Sutherland (Letters, January 26) that an increase in parking places at ScotRail stations is a welcome development.

However, the proposed new Allander Halt between Hillfoot and Milngavie which he mentions will not just be a case of building a station and providing an adjacent car park. The traffic-restricting single-line section between Westerton and Bearsden already leads to delays when Milngavie-bound trains are running late and trains from Milngavie are forced to wait at Bearsden station for them to clear the section. The time needed for an additional station stop will make this problem much worse.

It will be impossible to maintain the present daytime frequency of four trains an hour from Milngavie in those circumstances unless the line is once again doubled between Westerton and Bearsden and a conventional double-track junction restored at the Westerton end. It is unfortunate that many track rationalisations carried out by British Rail for economy reasons in the 1970s did not foresee the increase in demand for passenger train services that we are now witnessing.

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Dave Stewart,

129 Novar Drive, Glasgow.