MY father died some months ago and I have been dealing with his estate.

Part of these duties entails closure of accounts with utilities and banks. It has not been straightforward.

I am pernickety in checking detail and picked up on errors with both his bank and energy supplier. In both instances, the errors were in the company's favour. In the mail I have received two corrections, a cheque and an amended bill.

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The bank paid interest on closure of one account of £34 where the interest due was over £200. When this was pointed out over many telephone calls it was finally corrected with a cheque for the balance.

The final gas bill, which was addressed to my father's estate, had an estimated meter reading where the true reading had been provided as part of the closure process. The difference in cost resulting from these two readings was more than £100 for a short period in November and December last year; the final cost was less than half the original bill.

How many other executors will just pay these bills or accept whatever payment is given on account closure? I suspect most will just move on.

D S Blackwood,

1 Douglas Drive East,