The decision of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust to create a sailing hub in Largs for young people recovering from cancer is very welcome ("Ellen MacArthur sets sail for Scotland", The Herald, February 1).

My daughter was treated for a brain tumour at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh at the age of 11 and subsequently has enjoyed two sailing ventures with Ellen's trust from its base on the Isle of Wight. These experiences have been a massive help in her recovery, building confidence and providing sporting enjoyment. Everyone who deals with cancer in Scotland will be delighted the People's Postcode Trust has allocated £40,000 to help Ellen start this venture.

Young people who face the challenge of cancer have some enormous mountains to climb, both in their treatment phases and in adjustment to life afterwards. Organisations such as Ellen's trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust are of great importance in helping young people who are trying to climb these mountains. They can only succeed if institutions and individuals continue to give generously, through life and legacy, to help young people with cancer.

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Anne Macintyre,

2 Bishop Terrace, Kinnesswood, Kinross.