The resignation of prominent LibDem MP Chris Huhne occasions a by-election in a historically Conservative/Liberal Democrat constituency.

All niceties of Government protocol will be suspended as the Coalition partners woo the voters.

Effectively a referendum both on popularity and success of the current uneasy alliance will take place.

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It is not the fact that Mr Huhne finally admitted his guilt in the motoring offence charge but that he prevaricated for one full year after being charged. Had he manfully owned up when the charges were brought one year ago he would certainly have saved considerable embarrassment to his ex-wife, himself and to his many Lib-Dem supporters. As it now stands the effects on all persons concerned has been drastically worsened by this former potential party leader's inability to act out his own maxim of being open, honest and transparent.

Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue,


I would have thought most democrats accept that there are far too many MPs at Westminster; that a periodic review of constituencies (I believe every five years was mooted) by the Boundaries Commision is necessary to ensure approximate equalisation of electors; and that the introduction of an AV system in place of the present first-past-the-post system was rejected emphatically in a recent referendum (Letters, February 4).

Alan Fitzpatrick,

10 Solomon View, Dunlop.