I PROFOUNDLY disagree with Colette Douglas Home's suggestion of a community service as the appropriate one for Chris Huhne ("Community service best punishment for Huhne", The Herald, February 6).

Here we have a politically ambitious public figure who lied publicly and repeatedly over some 10 years or so about a motoring offence; attempted to get his wife to take on board a police charge and accept responsibility for it; and used his multi-millionaire status to employ an extremely costly legal team with the aim of having the charge thrown out on technicalities .

Eventually he ran out of devices and time in attempting to circumvent justice.

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To have succeeded in such a strategem would have called the entire justice system into question.

What could have been more serious?

He is facing jail. I find myself in the same corner as those who say "quite right too".

Community service with its modest amount of humiliation is something of a soft touch compared with the condign actuality of having served a prison sentence.

Ian W Thomson,

38 Kirkintilloch Road,