As the parent of two children educated in private school at secondary level I feel compelled to take issue with Rosemary Goring ("A sense of being in a class of one's own", The Herald, February 4).

I have never experienced negativity in our circle of friends, most of whom have children at state schools, regarding our decision to choose private schooling for our sons. With no family history of private schooling we chose to go down this route after considerable research because we believed it offered an excellent learning experience which could not be provided locally. By that I do not criticise local schools as friends' children are attaining well and are very satisfied with the school community they are part of; just, indeed, as we are. As parents we make our choices in the best interests of our children's education. I find Rosemary Goring's focus on the local private school far removed from my family situation and that of many of the families we have met since our sons began attending private school.

This family has worked hard to give our sons an outstanding education, albeit at considerably lower cost than the £30,000 a year Rosemary Goring quotes. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to do this despite making sacrifices. What our sons go on to do in the future will depend on their attributes and commitment and not the school they attended, which is at it should be.

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Joyce Robertson,

11 Wood Aven Drive, East Kilbride.