Over the last couple of days you have carried leading stories about Crown Post Offices losing that status ("Warning post offices at risk in franchise revamp", The Herald, February 7).

I began to wonder why we should be concerned. I looked online for a list of Crown offices in Scotland or locally and did not find anything, so I rang the Post Office to ask where my nearest Crown office was. The staff member neither knew nor could they find out.

We have none within their maximum search radius of 6.1 miles which includes Helensburgh, Dumbarton, Greenock and Port Glasgow.

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We manage perfectly well without one so why should anybody be concerned about some being recategorised as ordinary post offices, particularly where they will be open to more flexible (that is, longer) opening hours? Should we remove Crown status from all post offices, save some money and improve the service availability?

The only thing you can guarantee in a post office is that there will be a queue.

D S Blackwood,

1 Douglas Drive East, Helensburgh.