I am disappointed with your leader as, in my view, it perpetuates two of the SNP's green myths ("Scotland needs a clear energy policy", The Herald, February 11).

First, as wind turbines only operate for 25% of the time and this technology is the main driver of renewable energy it is impossible for Scotland to derive 100% of its electricity needs from renewables by 2020. How about asking the SNP now for the profile of our generating capacity in 2020.

Secondly, as studies in Spain and other countries have shown, renewables create heavily subsidised jobs but also destroy jobs in the real economy by forcing up the price of electricity to already hard-pressed users. In fact the Spanish study showed that for each green subsidy job created two were destroyed in the real world.

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Finally, if the shale gas revolution takes off and England benefits from much cheaper electricity, as is now happening in the US, I doubt very much if there will be any customers for Alex Salmond's grossly expensive electricity. God help the "independent" Scottish electricity customer under that scenario.

Brian Wilson.

Laurel Way,

Bridge of Weir.

In your leader, the thrust of the argument is on the need for better strategic management of the renewable sector.

No-one could argue with that, but we must not forget that the secure delivery of electricity requires a dependable source of base-load which wind and other renewables cannot deliver.

With the failure of the "clean coal" programme and the inadvisability of using gas or oil to generate our electricity, the one realistic option is new nuclear build.

With its endorsement of the active-life extension to the Hunerston B station, the SNP has shown that it has no principled opposition to nuclear power. It is time for the Scottish Government to bite the bullet, change its policy and commission Hunterston C nuclear station.

It would provide much-needed high-quality, long-term jobs in North Ayrshire. It would also supply the secure and dependable source of electricity that we need to meet future demand with a measure of confidence.

Alex Gallagher (North Ayrshire Labour councillor),

12 Phillips Avenue,