YOUR report on the state of Scotland's roads compares the shocking condition of our rural roads to "an Alpine mountain pass" ("Scotland top of potholes league", The Herald, February 13).

Anyone who has travelled to the highest ski resorts in the Alps, or has followed the Tour de France, which seeks out the toughest of the high mountain climbs, will know that the condition of these roads puts ours to shame.

We read endless reports about the state of our roads, and experience them at first hand, but I have yet to see any credible explanation. It is not good enough to blame it on our weather, which is less extreme than that experienced in the mountain roads of France, Switzerland and other European countries where temperatures can range for minus 20C in the winter to plus 30C in the summer. It is also very rare, in my experience, to witness any roadworks in France. Can someone please explain?

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Brian Moore,

17 Ormidale Terrace, Edinburgh.