I ENJOYED Robert McNeil's column about a country that does not even exist ("The week Scotland became Notweek", the Herald, February 15).

Many of your readers may not be aware that Scotland doesn't exist on Facebook.

A few years ago I got in touch again with an old friend via Facebook. He had put his place of birth as "Edinburgh, United Kingdom".

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"You've changed your tune," I thought. But when I entered my own details my place of birth came up as "Stirling, United Kingdom"and despite my efforts to change this "Scotland" was not an option.

Worse was to come. For place of employment I entered "Hamilton", expecting I'd be forced to add UK. Every Hamilton in the world (from New Zealand to the United States and Canada)was given as an option except the original one – not even Hamilton, United Kingdom.

Crawford Steele,

138 Wilton Street,