WHILST the main thrust of Harry Reid's comment ("Predicament PR will not solve", The Herald, February 23) is one of gloom and doom vis a vis the future of the Church of Scotland, he does concede that there is vibrancy and energy within many congregations.

He highlights the main problem as one of communication, and particularly the absence of an effective communicator who speaks on behalf of the national church in Scotland. However communication is a two-way process, which currently is not the case between church hierarchy and members.

At present outdated procedure and usage of archaic language pertain. Unswerving adherence to tradition remains whilst much of society's social ills and needs continue unaddressed. By his own genuine critique of the Church of Scotland's limitations, Harry Reid has put himself in the frame for the office of communicator within our own national church. A classic case of being foisted by his own petard.

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Allan C Steele,

22 Forres Avenue,