Your leader asks: "If Common Weal did not exist, what would be inspirational about the Yes campaign?" Quite a lot, actually.

Having got involved in the campaign, I'm more interested in politics than I've been for 25 years and am determined to do as much as I can to make Scotland a better place to live.

I keep reading that people want more information. I can hardly keep up with the constant supply of the stuff: facts from Yes Scotland; regular analysis from the Deputy First Minister; witty posters from Labour For Independence; inspiring rhetoric from Radical Scotland; good, solid exciting proposals from the Jimmy Reid Foundation; creativity from National Collective; comment in Bella Caledonia - and more. Most of it's inspirational, a lot of it's funny.

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Out delivering Yes Scotland leaflets one morning, I was pursued by a woman who didn't want any information, thank you. She explained she was worried about our country "sleep-walking into independence". I remembered that, as I scraped my fingers on letter-boxes, mentally organised the next North East Fife Women For Independence group, planned our second "listening exercise", wondered where to hold our first information stall, rehearsed in my head the blog I'd to write for our new website.

Sleep-walking? Nae me. I'm pairt o' the biggest grass-roots campaign Scotland has ever seen. Thank ye kindly, Yes Scotland, ye're an inspiration.

Aimee Chalmers