LABOUR'S Johann Lamont doesn't look like a woman with a song in her heart.

She may lack the requisite organ for one thing.

There's also that starched, immobile face. This is not a winning look for the would-be chanteuse.

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But she surprised us all at FMQs yesterday, with a number as unexpected as it was unwise.

Standard Life's warning of a midnight flit post-independence provided her intro: "How many more firms need to leave before the FM admits a Yes vote would be a disaster for Scottish jobs?"

His response was to promise the firm would "find Scotland a good place to do business".

Ms Lamont - you'd never guess - was unimpressed.

"Denial, deception, delusion", she sneered.

Holyrood's top language cop hit the sirens.

"Ms Lamont, deception is not acceptable in the chamber," interrupted the Presiding Officer.

"It's not acceptable in real life either," she shot back.

Nat MSPs grew even rowdier when Ms Lamont said Alex Salmond "would do more damage than even Margaret Thatcher".

She chanted: "If there is a Yes vote, isn't it the case that we will need to rewrite the song: Standard Life no more, RBS no more, shipbuilding no more, the Scotland we love and fight for no more."

The First Minister darkened like a thundercloud.

Calling him deceptive was one thing, but taking Letter From America - a Proclaimers classic - in vain crossed the line.

Reminding Ms Lamont she'd been against devolution in 1979, he cried: "Scotland did not get a parliament and guess what happened? Bathgate, Linwood and Lochaber all closed."

His MSPs rallied.

"We've seen through the scaremongering!

"If we hadn't, we wouldn't have this parliament!"

Adoring fans started scarf-waving.

Going full crescendo, the FM roared: "Scotland will go on to prosperity. It won't be our business no more, it'll be Labour no more!"

As her MSPs looked crushed, his went berserk.

And, to borrow a line from another Proclaimers hit: They'd have walked 500 miles for an encore.