THE BBC reported that the ceiling collapse at London's Apollo Theatre was caused by "weak and old material being used".

"Was Ken Dodd on stage?" asks a reader.

Punch line

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THE death of boxing promoter Mickey Duff reminds us of when he brought Muhammad Ali to Paisley ice rink for an exhibition bout - yes, hard to believe, isn't it? Anyway the story was told that during a dinner in Glasgow Ali was introduced to Rangers star Willie Henderson, and seeing the footballer's lived-in coupon, Ali is quoted as telling Willie: "Football! I'm glad I stuck to boxing."

Reel concerns

WE asked for your memories of the robust dances at the Highlanders' Institute in Glasgow, and Sheila Campbell in Argyll tells us: "Many years ago I was at the Highlanders' when an Islay chap was dancing too enthusiastically and fell heavily. He was bleeding quite badly so was persuaded to go to the Western, and a couple of hours later, we were surprised to see him back.

"My friend worked at the Western and looked at his medical notes which recorded that he had been more concerned about the loss of the half-bottle in his pocket, than the fact he needed eight stitches in his backside."

Biting remark

INDEPENDENCE humour continued. Stand-up Jo Caulfield, appearing at The Stand on Monday as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival, was asked if she feels she has to mention the independence debate in her act. Said Jo: "I don't feel that I 'have' to talk about the independence referendum - it's more a case that I want to. Having watched the recent Nicola Sturgeon/Johann Lamont debate I'll probably be approaching it from the 'Scotland needs better dentists' angle."


Cereal thriller

SCOTTISH hotels are really expanding the breakfast options these days. Reader Alastair McKenzie in Bearsden was reading the latest TripAdvisor review for the Glendale Guesthouse in Oban, which states: "Breakfast was nice. You could help yourself to cereal and yoghurt or order toads and a cooked breakfast. I would definitely consider staying again."

Saints and sinners

OUR tale of the television announcer who pronounced St Mirren as if it was a French team reminds a Helensburgh reader of the television caption, probably due to a rogue spellchecker, which announced the team's name as "St Midden". He says he wasn't sure whether to laugh or think: "How appropriate."

Dry humour

THE old Mathers temperance hotel in Dundee has reopened as a swish Malmaison Hotel. As Mike Ritchie recalls: "When it was Mathers many a Dundonian declared, 'Fancy coming out of the railway station, and the first thing you see is somewhere you can't have a drink'."

To curry flavour

IT seems the French not only like using English on occasions, but also like our love of puns. David Donaldson, visiting Tarn-et-Garonne, noticed a takeaway food stall that had the name "Curry d'Away".