Renewable energy can be a divisive issue, particularly the setting up of wind turbines.

Donald Trump, the new owner of the Turnberry Golf Resort, famously tried to block an offshore windfarm from being built within sight of his Aberdeenshire golf course, complaining it would spoil the view. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the development is going ahead.

But the incident shows that, even when sited away from land, wind turbines have their opponents.Though the anti-windfarm lobby is highly vocal, there are a number of communities around Scotland where renewable energy technologies, including wind turbines, have been enthusiastically embraced. Among them is Fintry in Stirlingshire, which commissioned its own turbine in 2007 and is reaping the benefits, ploughing the proceeds of its electricity generation back into local sustainability initiatives.

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of the fourth Fintry Renewable Energy Show (FRESh), the leading sustainability event by and for communities in Scotland. It promises to be a vibrant occasion and will be a chance to celebrate the benefits of community renewable energy schemes.