It's been a good week for … sleepyheads

It's been a good week for … sleepyheads

IT is with a chuckle that I read of a new warning from scientists that too many of us are being "supremely arrogant" by ignoring the importance of getting a good kip at night. Apparently, some of us are pushing ourselves too far by ignoring our body clocks and therefore endangering our health. Obviously, if really true, this isn't funny; but I laugh at the idea that I have a choice in the matter. As anyone with a baby or toddler will know, getting a good sleep at night is a gamble - and not one I ever take a punt on. As comedian Michael McIntyre once joked, instead of calmly saying "goodnight, darling" to each other before switching off the lights, parents with children give each other a cursory glance and say: "Good luck."

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Sounds about right. I only wish my lack of sleep was due to the demands of modern life because at least then I would have a choice in the matter. Clearly these scientists don't have children. So if you are one of the blessed ones that get eight hours' sleep a night, rock on, safe in the knowledge that you are less likely to be obese, have high cholesterol, or develop cancer, heart disease or Type 2 diabetes.

It's been a bad week for … dogs

Videos of animals doing cute things are a dime a dozen on the internet but something made me watch this one. In this particular video from California - titled My Cat Saved My Son - the feline is the hero, the dog the villain. Captured on CCTV, a little boy is riding on his bike when a stray dog wanders over and bites him aggressively on the leg, dragging him off his bicycle. Within seconds, the boy's cat swoops in out of nowhere and chases the dog away before returning to the boy and his mother, who is now tending to him.

What it is proves is that, contrary to popular opinion - and mine - cats can be just as loyal as dogs, making me reconsider my opinion that cats are selfish loners that look more like giant rats than faithful pets.

If I thought a cat would protect my son in a similar fashion, I might even consider getting one; although a tiny part of me can't help feeling a little bit sorry for the dog which, it transpires, was abandoned by its family. They later admitted the dog didn't like bicycles or children. The same could have been said for me at one time, although there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour.