INEVITABLY the press were waiting to report the first accident involving the new Edinburgh tram.

As Gordon Beveridge in Wick tells us: "Good to see that the young girl hit by a tram in Edinburgh was able to walk away afterwards without needing medical attention.

"So only mildly tramatised then."

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Dishing the dirt

OUR tales of Glasgow's sludge boats remind Stuart Yeamans: "When I was third mate on a general cargo ship, a great deal of time was taken up trying to prevent pilfering during loading or discharging operations. A friend of mine working on the sludge boats said that they never had that problem."

Driven to despair

EVER had a rubbish birthday? Jake Lambert passes on to us: "The night before my friend's 17th birthday, his brother borrowed his friend's new car, put a ribbon in it, and parked it in their driveway."

Any other bad birthday memories?

Darling's Dear Leader

THE leader of the Better Together campaign Alistair Darling has compared First Minister Alex Salmond to the dead North Korean dictator Kim Johng-il. Jim Cuthbertson in Dunlop wonders if the dictator's successor, Kim Jong-un, has threatened Britain with a nuclear strike unless Mr Darling apologises to the people of North Korea.

Empire meddle

AND a bit of a stushie with US President Barack Obama hinting that he would prefer Scotland to stay part of the UK. As blogger Krys Kujawa put it: "Aye, very good Obama. You going to petition to get the US back into the British Empire while you're at it? Was independence bad for you?"

Lost in translation

On a more philosophical note after the president's intervention, Kevin Schofield muses: "Pity the poor US Secret Service man having to work out what a 'bawbag' is as he ploughs through Barack Obama's Twitter page."

Sweet on teacher

JUNE already, and it will soon be the school summer holidays. A reader tells us he was in a West end newsagent's this time last year when a primary teacher he knew rushed in and bought a whole box of chocolate bars.

She explained she was giving them to her pupils on the last day of term, and as she was a bit rushed he asked her why she hadn't bought them in advance.

"I did," she replied. "then ate my way through them every night when I came home from school."

Mulling over Miller

LOTS of banter amongst Old Firm fans over Rangers resigning veteran striker Kenny Miller. Said one Celtic fan: "Miller is the first person to play for all three Old Firm teams - Celtic, Rangers and Sevco."

In return a Rangers fan worries about rival fans' obsession with his club, and tells us about the Celtic fan contacting a radio station's football phone-in. "Hello, I'm not on to talk about the fact that we don't have a manager or that even Roy Keane doesn't want the job, but what about that Kenny Miller signing for Rangers?"

Hive of activity

"I'VE had a lot of bees invading my house recently," says a colleague who wanders over to interrupt us. "I think they're holding a house swarming party."