The public and political debate over the possibility of Scottish independence has been, at times, intemperate, visceral and angry.

How welcome, then, it is to report a kinder, calmer contribution to the debate, a theatrical Letter first aired last night at the National Theatre of Scotland's 24-hour dramatic marathon, The Great Yes, No, Don't Know Five Minute Theatre Show.

The Letter, from one of Scotland's finest wordsmiths, the playwright David Greig, to the late David MacLennan, theatre producer and writer, is heartfelt, tender and warm. It is also a moving tribute and thank you to MacLennan, who with Greig co-curated the show for the National Theatre. MacLennan, who died aged 65 earlier this month, was a supporter of Scotland remaining in the Union, and Greig is a prominent voice in the artistic world for Scottish independence.

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The Letter to David, thoughtful and wry as well as personal and sad, is a reminder that amid the fractious debate over Scotland's future, there is also ample room for fraternal respect and understanding between those on the Yes side of the campaign, and those on the No side of the vote.