THE Yes and No camps have been going flat out for your vote on September 18, but here's a curious thought.

What happens if the indyref ends in a draw?

The thought occurred to Craig McGill, a digital strategist at Weber Shandwick. The Electoral Commission tells him there are no plans either way for who wins if the votes are equal.

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Bookie Paddy Power says the odds of it happening are 1,000-1 - the same as Germany beating Brazil 7-1.

To take the football analogy further, might we see Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling going to extra time then penalties?

You can read Craig's blog at

Language barrier

EXCUSES, more of. "Your stories about excuses at school reminded me of the young teacher whose first teaching post was in Lockerbie Academy," Bob Byiers writes.

"Shortly after starting, he was nonplussed one morning when a pupil in his register class offered as an excuse for his late arrival that the 'feckin bus was late'.

"He was relieved to learn later that this was the local jargon for the bus that came from Ecclefechan'."

Lizard lunch

EXOTIC foods, more of. "After crawling around the undergrowth from dawn in Curacao's National Park in search of Giant Iguana," recalls Angela Fotheringham, "we paused for lunch at the local cafe. Guess what was on the menu..."

Yes indeed. Iguana stew. As Angela says, "No wonder we couldn't find any."

Going south

NICE little story on Facebook of the sorely-missed Glasgow Apollo, where fans contribute their memories of the place.

Brian Darrien and his mates once missed the last train home after a show. Spotting another train leaving the platform, they vaulted over the railings and scrambled on to the last carriage. Two cops followed them, but the boys "pulled down the window and gave them the fingers." As one does.

It was only then that they realised they were on the non-stop sleeper to Euston. The boys understandably began to panic. Fortunately, the train stopped at Falkirk Grahamston to drop off newspapers.

Party pooper

GREAT apologies of our time."In an article in the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle issue of July 2, 2014, we stated that Caitlin Henderson and her friend Calum Robinson were 'the envy of their classmates' when they arrived for their school prom at Condorrat Primary School.

"However, Mrs Alison Masterson contacted us to say that her daughter was not 'envious'. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for any embarrassment it may have caused."

Geography lessons

CELTIC Music Radio presenters Danny Matheson and Ruth Hamilton have begun a challenge to play a track from each of the 71 countries and territories taking part in the Commonwealth Games. Lesser-known countries are posing problems, but some of the suggestions have made the duo smile. Danny and Ruth point out that a request for songs from Demis Roussos and Nana Mouskouri was vetoed because, well, Greece isn't a member of the Commonwealth. Ditto Austria, so we're spared that Sound of Music favourite, Edelweiss. Thanks to Mike Ritchie for this one.