It's been a good week for … selfies

It's been a good week for … selfies

The Queen's got a bit of a rep for going viral, what with her James Bond shenanigans at the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

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For Glasgow's Commonwealth Games she has been at it again, photobombing an Australian hockey player's selfie.

Jayde Taylor, one of the players introduced to the Queen at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre on Thursday, took the photo of herself and fellow "hockeyroo" Brooke Peris to mark the event, and there was HM grinning in the background. Cue Twitter frenzy.

One just cannot help oneself.

It's been a bad week for … bashful babies

One in 10 new mothers are so determined to share news of their baby's arrival, they are on social media within 15 minutes of giving birth, according to a new poll. The survey, by children's shoe company Start-rite, found that some parents go online even before the birth to update friends and relatives, with two-thirds of mothers and fathers saying they or their partner provided a social media commentary either pre-natally or during labour.

As families become increasingly far-flung, the power of technology is invaluable in allowing loved ones to keep in touch. But does that first nappy change really have to be posted on Facebook? Every new parent thinks their offspring is the most gorgeous being ever born. The whole world does not have to share this view.

But parents are determined to persevere. Almost 40% post their children's "firsts" on social media, with popular milestones including first smile, first steps and first day at school. (Coverage tails off when it comes to first under-age beer, piercing or tattoo.)

The trend for using social media to promote your news is, unsurprisingly, pronounced among celebrities, the survey found, with athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, Simon Cowell and actress Emily Blunt among those to broadcast their baby bulletins via the internet.

Prince George's birth also went digital when Clarence House tweeted the news of his arrival. It was followed up last week with a picture of him walking to mark his first birthday.

Not that the poor child was ever going to have a sniff at anonymity. With a great-granny with such a penchant for social networking, what hope does he have?