IT is a time of the signs, much to the annoyance of Scotland's local authorities.

With 47 days to go until the independence referendum, stickers promoting the Yes and No causes are proliferating all around us, including on road signs - and therein lies a problem.

Moray Council, backed by other local authorities, complains that the circular Yes and No stickers are causing damage to the signs when their roads staff remove them.

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Road signs are made using a laminated system, and the top layer of clear plastic is being damaged when road staff peel the stickers off, considerably shortening its life. When one considers that the average cost of a road sign is £350, one can see why this might stick in the craw of accountants.

At any rate, these stickers might be confusing for tourists , especially if confronted with a road sign in Shetland that says: "Yell No." Perhaps, though, with some amendments, they could come in useful? How about: "Houston. Yes, Scotland. No Texas"?

The simplest solution, though, would be to put the stickers only on approved hoardings. That would be a sign of common sense. Yes? No?