IT IS a great thing in life to be lucky; even better is when you are lucky in your choice of friends.

Lady Luck has certainly smiled upon painter and decorator Willie Sibbald; it was revealed yesterday that the Edinburgh man has just won more than £7 million on the Lotto, matching all six numbers on a Lucky Dip ticket.

Equally blessed is his workmate Rab Layden, for Mr Sibbald is sharing his good fortune (in both senses of the word) with his long-time buddy.

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The two friends have both played the lottery every week for years, buying two tickets each.

Like many people do, they promised if either of them won they would make sure the other would not need to work again. Mr Sibbald, to his great credit, has vowed to be true to his word.

Mr Layden was at work painting a kitchen, when he received a call from Mr Sibbald, who said: "I've got some­thing to tell you, are you sitting down? I'm the guy who won the lottery." It is not recorded whether he was overcome with emulsion.

It is a call we would all like to receive. It is also true to say that we would all like to believe it is a call we would be quick to make if we were to be put to the test.