In a roll call of the rolling in it, Hong Kong has been revealed as having the highest number of multi-millionaires of any global city:

15,400. This is ahead of New York with 14,300 and London with 9,700. Just outside the top ten was Beijing with 4,900.

This is relevant to Western women and Scottish cities. But first, let's consider the implications in Asia. Is Hong Kong now the world centre for husband hunting? And can this boost the economy and civic mood?

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Just a few years ago, everyone was hailing Beijing as the new New York: a city that didn't sleep, albeit because migrant workers building skyscrapers would keep you up at night. All it lacked was a Mr Big, the definitive male of the quintessentially New York series Sex and the City.

China, back then, was mostly about small and medium enterprises. So, er, Mr Big would have been Mr Medium. And some of the rich guys weren't great candidates. For instance, Pu Zhongjie, president of LEPU Medical Device Inc, topped many wealth lists. Mr Pu the new Mr Big? Don't think so.

But, even Big-less, Beijing, around 2009, was anointed as the city in Asia for moneyed men and so attracted women on the scout for husbands. Further south, Hong Kong was a fading presence, a municipal has-been.

And now, here we are, five years on. And na-na-na-na-na. This report, from a South African-based wealth consultancy, says HK has more really rich inhabitants than anywhere else.

The city's slogan was once "Hong Kong - Asia's World City". This changed to "Hong Kong: Our Home", an attempt by Beijing to play down HK's global role. In Scotland the equivalent would be, say, Edinburgh, as an empowered capital under independence, marketing its rival as "Glasgow's Inches Better".

Now, here is the chance to rebrand: "Hong Kong: For Husband Hunters." To a city suffering a drop in tourist numbers and retail sales, it's a gift from a deity. Visitor numbers would surely rise. Coming hither would be ladies, from the West and the Chinese mainland, all hoping to find love among HK's multi-millionaires, and crucially buying shoes and frocks to enhance the chance of a match being made.

And politically, this must delight any Hong Konger who enjoys riling Beijing. It's not all upside for HK men, though. How much would they have to possess to tempt the ladies? Would there be sugar daddy inflation?

And this future is not a given. The organs of news also tell us Viagra's patent has just expired on the Chinese mainland and cheaper generic drugs in this area (physical and geographical) will be available.

What kind of Mr Big are the ladies looking for? Is, goddammit, the ball going to swing back to the mainland?

Amid all these unknowns, a city's ability to surprisingly top the list of multi-millionaires is why this is of note to Scotland. Who knows what the future holds?

Glasgow is associated with success after the Commonwealth Games. In a few years, it could be success and individual wealth.

Who'd be its Mr Big? Most blokes have a pal they greet as "big man", though that's not really whom we mean.