WHATEVER your politics, and whether you are a Yes, a No or a Don't Know, there can be little doubt that the independence referendum debate has given the democratic process a shot in the arm.

The public has become engaged with politics in a way that might have been thought to have gone out of fashion along with soap boxes and megaphones. Up and down the country, in fora organised by both Yes Scotland and Better Together, crowds have flocked to meeting rooms and public halls to hear for themselves the arguments, and to contribute to them. The politicians have come to the people, and the people have responded with enthusiasm.

That thirst for knowledge is very much to be welcomed. In print and online, The Herald will continue to provide a platform for all to air their views. And next month we will be hosting a special event in Glasgow in which leading figures from each camp will discuss the big issues.

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We will soon be faced with the task of making the biggest political decision of all our lives. You, our readers, are cordially invited to help inform this debate.