GLASGOW-BORN actor Peter Capaldi is getting good reviews for his new role as Dr Who.

Fellow thespian Rony Bridges tells us: "Peter Capaldi is great as the new Doctor. He directed me in my first ever movie, Strictly Sinatra. I remember it so well; he shouted out, 'What's your name again?' I said, 'Rony.' He replied, 'Could you move out of shot, you're too tall.'"

Conference conundrum

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BUSY weekend at the SECC and the nearby Hydro in Glasgow. One features a Jehovah's Witness Conference and the other is holding the World Street Dance Championships. A reader walking in Finnieston tells us: "My wife and I started to play a game as the people made their way home from the two events. It was called 'Dancer or Door-knocker'."

Damp squids

A READER phones to tell us: "The wife has just nominated me to do the ice bucket challenge. I'm a little confused - has anyone else been asked to hold a toaster at the same time?"And if you are a regular reader of Facebook, and a bit fed up with the self-satisfied posting videos of their ice bucket challenges, when they pour a bucket of cold water over their heads for charity, Victor Brierley remarks: "I used to think constant wet t-shirt videos would be my idea of heaven. I was wrong."

Baffling bid

SO millionaire business boss and Rangers fan Jim McColl is interested in buying the Clyde's last merchant shipbuilding yard. As Jim Nesbit in East Dunbartonshire tells us: "I saw a headline stating: 'Jim McColl promises to spend millions on Ferguson'. I didn't know if it was Sir Alex or Barry, but thought it was an exciting development in the battle for Rangers."

Location, location

THE Edinburgh Fringe ends tomorrow. A Glasgow reader tells us that he was impressed when his teenage daughter went through for the festival for the first time last week, but added: "However, she rings me once she gets to Waverley station and says, 'Dad, whereabouts is the Fringe?'"

Suits you, sir

SIGNS that you are getting older, continued. Donald Grant in Paisley admits: "I was in a store looking for a shirt and tie, wasn't sure if my choices went well together, and asked a mature lady nearby. She said yes, with some hesitation, so I asked her if she would buy them for her husband. 'Oh no,' she said, 'he would never wear anything like that - but I would buy them for my father.'"

The tail-end

WE end our daft search for actors to appear in the remake of Hitchcock's The Birds, and a reader tells us that the original joke was that it would feature Scotland's very own "Sean Canary".

Sorry about that.

If the shoe fits

SEXISM reared its head in a Glasgow pub at the weekend when a regular claimed that the reason why women like shoes so much is that no matter how much they eat, their shoes still fit.

Late showing

HAVE you noticed the proliferation of television channels these days? A Bearsden reader realised how TV had changed how he looks at things when he received an invitation to a wedding that said "+1". For a moment he thought he had to arrive an hour after the other guests.