There have always been concerns about the effects of digital technology on young people and family life and there will be some who will be just as worried about the YouGov poll which has revealed the prevalence of "programme packing" - the habit of watching several screens at one time.

The habit appears to be particularly common in Scotland and Stacy Jones, a mother from Newton Mearns, is typical of the average programme packer.

During the Commonwealth Games for example, Ms Jones watched the gymnastics on her tablet computer while another programme was on the television. During the recent Ladies' World Cup football, she also watched two games at the same time.

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Some people will be horrified by this and would prefer to concentrate on one programme at a time, but there are positives to programme packing.

Ms Jones for instance believes her family is now more likely to gather in one room and therefore bring about a semblance of the communal viewing that was common in the 1970s and 80s.

It was the growth of TV that killed off that communal experience when teenagers began to get their own sets. The growth of digital technology might just help bring it back.