I WOULD remind Duncan Macintyre (Letters, November 8) that the Supreme Court ruled that although sections of the original Named Person policy (which has since been amended) did not comply with the law, the principle of providing a Named Person for every child to promote and safeguard their well-being was "unquestionably legitimate and benign". And that is what this scheme is all about, trying to ensure that all children have the opportunity to be able to thrive in a safe environment, and that help and support is available for children and families and can be accessed as and if they need it. Most families will never need it, but there are vulnerable children in our communities living miserable lives due to neglect or violence who need to be protected.

I note that those who oppose the Named Person scheme don't appear to have any positive suggestions on how to keep safe children who are at risk. All children deserve to enjoy safe and happy childhoods; tragically, that is not currently the case.

Ruth Marr,

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99 Grampian Road, Stirling.