I HAVE been a customer of RBS since the 1950s in Kilmarnock but as I live in Troon used the local branch, now closed.

Recently I had accumulated £50 in coins. No RBS, so I went to the Bank of Scotland. I was advised that they could only accept these if I was an account holder. I asked if this is a bank, but was refused again. I was also refused at Santander bank. I than went to a local restaurant, The Lido, which gracefully accepted the change.

Are banks not banks for the public at large?

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Jim Torbett,

24 Ottoline Drive,


I TROTTED down to the village car park earlier today to pay a cheque into my RBS account at the mobile branch only to find out (ironically by the staff of the mobile Bank of Scotland which happened to be in the car park at the time) that its timetable had changed.

It has reduced from three visits per week to two and from 175 minutes to 95 minutes. So not only are it due to close almost one-third of its branches, the mobile service is also being reduced, quite savagely if actual banking time is considered. Is it simply going to buy more vans? I won’t hold my breath....

It appears to me that RBS simply does not have a social conscience; it clearly has an economic one, although not a particularly smart one given past performance. I honestly don’t know how small businesses in villages like Alford can cope with this reduction in service, nor people with limited mobility.

RBS bosses have also forgotten who actually owns much of it.

Willie Towers,

Victoria Road, Alford, Aberdeenshire.