The Big Yin has sold up his house and left the building.

He's got on his big three wheeler bogie contraption, The Harley with stabilisers, the trike, whatever it's called and rode off into the sunset.

Good luck to him, at least he isn't a hypocrite. I'm sure he has more pressing things on his mind. However he's the first big major star for Better Together to decide to leave.

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Depending on what paper you read Connolly 'sold his tartan clad mansion for £3m' or 'is moving on after selling his £2.75m million baronial Scots home'. A story about the Big Yin always mentions his Hollywood pals coming over while he Lairds it up like something from Thingummyjig.

I think the Scottish Government have missed a trick. For just under three million they could have bought it for the nation. Every country needs its posh But 'n' Ben. Cameron has Chequers, where Dave the Rave regularly invites world leaders, allies, even celebrities to Buckinghamshire to take part in a pop quiz, Chequers Plays Pop! Pop! Pop! The Americans have Camp David, 60 miles northwest of Washington DC. This could have been Scotland's Camp David.

I'd have got it down to £2m, better still, talked him into bequeathing it to the nation. Anyone famous comes over we'll fly you up to Camp Big Yin. Twelve acres, 14 bedrooms in the main house and four cottages. Job done. Seduce foreign dignitaries and billionaire industrialists like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates but definitely not Donald Trump, with Scottishness.

You can imagine the news in a few years; 'President Salmond is in urgent talks with the cabinet up at Camp Big Yin over the developing situation. He's meeting in the emergency cabinet room known locally as the Big Banana Boot Room.

The dining room is so tacky with its 16 red tartan draped chairs, green walls and antlers popping out, that it makes Elvis's Jungle Room in Graceland the height of tasteful sophistication. The Big Yin has a sense of humour, green tartan walls and red chairs. Every fashionista worth their salt knows red and green should never be seen. Maybe this is why the Big Yin's a Better Together man? The tartan room has sickened him off Scotland.

I was walking down Sauchiehall Street on Wednesday and just as I was turning right on to Buchanan St., I saw Anas Sarwar in a red bus with 'No' emblazoned across it. I thought, all we need is Gordon Brown as Blakey shouting 'I'll get you Darling! This bus is late!!!!' and we've got a sitcom.

Just a grammatical thing as someone who loves a crossword too; I wasn't sure if it was an anagram or a place in Central Europe, Votexno? No is such a negative word! Why not say Vote no. X with an X for a big kiss?