This column today moves from its usual examination of all things indyref and instead focuses on the politics of Glasgow's Games.

It would appear, according to published transcripts, that Usain Bolt did indeed slag off the games. So should we hang him?

The reaction from poor wee Scotland and its injured little wing, its sensitive wee soul, has been over the top, as usual.

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How dare someone have an opinion that's different from mine or says something I don't like? He's slagging off Glasgow, let's get him! In fact, why not hang him at the closing ceremony?

Big Usain has had to adopt the classic plan B strategy, damage limitation. You would think, from someone heavily sponsored by a huge media organisation, that he'd know better, but it's blown into a PR disaster.

You can't exactly turn round and say well maybe his words were mixed up. They weren't. They were the words of a tired and irritable superstar, but they were his words.

Let's try and look at this with a bit of common sense though and apply some logic and context. In a guarded moment, while he waited in the rain for his lift, he was asked if he was having fun and he told the truth. Sometimes even the biggest stars have an off day.

It would be easy to see why he might be fed up, especially when you consider the level of question asked at his press conferences. Sometimes, sport creates those who transcend and tower above everyone else (see Tiger Woods), we are so quick to look for fault and chase and hunt them down. Because we're hosting the Games and think we're doing an amazing job, doesn't or shouldn't stop a guy having opinion different to others. We aren't in the playground any more, you can't force everyone to love you.

It's the same with those in-your-face volunteers. God forbid if you ever just snapped and turned round and punched and knocked out one of the irritating 'volunteers' with their stupid big green hands, forcing you to love them by being over the top.

We're the fun games. HAVE FUN NOW!!!! LAUGH!!!!! LAUGH!!!!

Sorry it's early, I'm just out of bed. LAUGGGHHH I'M A CLYDESIDER!!! THIS IS THE FUN GAMES!!!!

Glasgow and Scotland needs to stop being so sensitive. OK it does hurt when it comes from an international superstar but just accept that an opinion about the games maybe not being the best of competition isn't worth escalating into a diplomatic incident.

Scotland is insular, inward looking and constantly on the lookout for something to complain about. Now we've got this rich spoiled superstar thinking he's too good for us? Result, let's get him. We say 'who does he think he is?' time to bring him down a peg or two.

The truth is, Bolt is correct, the Commonwealth Games are crap. It's a sporting competition without the sporting elite from America, Russia and China. The Olympics are the top, the World Championships second and the Commonwealth possibly third. The US and Jamaican athletics trials could also be in there before the Commonwealth Games.

I attended the badminton and watched an overweight Ghanaian get rattled in about nine minutes. I watched Kenyans play in the singles and doubles and looked like they were on a lunch break from their work and were passing the Emirates and popped in for a quick game, a very quick game.

I watched two very young kids from that hot bed of sporting prowess the Falklands. To be frank, it looked like most of them were just here for a holiday. In fact most of the guys looked like they had got the Glasgow motto People Make Glasgow mixed up for Glasgow Make People, good for them but they looked like they were here to procreate rather than participate.

So in terms of sporting greatness and competition, the Commonwealth Games may not be that wonderful. However it is one of the last events that's open to all sorts of small nations and an opportunity for people to work hard at their sport.

For those at this level it's the purest and best of sport because they were competing, doing their best and no matter how small the country, they were proudly representing their nation.

One of my personal highlights of the games was the ovation given to the Solomon Islands 5000m runner Rosefelo Siosi. It gave me goose bumps when the crowd got behind him, someone doing their best. He still had two laps of the track to run while the Kenyan winner Ndiku did his lap of honour.

The winner came in at 13mins 12secs and Siosi almost four minutes later. The Commonwealth Games are the fun games because it allows moments like that. Sometimes it's not all glamour and world record breaking times, it's about personal bests and performing to the best of your ability.

I'm a Bolt fan, he's a supreme athlete who was simply caught in a moment when he was fed up, so let's ease off.

Clearly, there are parallels with the referendum debate; especially when it comes to someone not agreeing with your point of view. It's negative, can be vicious and often it's like a blood sport. There's this need to almost retaliate first when someone disagrees with your opinion. It's unhealthy and negative, let's just laugh it off.

Comments about Bolt were vicious, sarcastic and along the lines of him gracing us with his presence. Well, actually, he is. He's not fully fit and is probably here because his management and sponsors begged him. The Games are better off with him playing a minor role.

The Commonwealth Games, thus far, have been a great success for Glasgow; let's not waste it with a meaningless witch hunt because a petulant star had an off day.