MSPs have greeted with cheers news that portion sizes in the Scottish Parliament canteen will not be reduced.

SNP MSP John Mason caused consternation after suggesting in the chamber that Holyrood bosses should consider cutting the portions in the popular Garden Level Restaurant.

Raising the issue in a question to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body to cross-party groans, he said: "I do accept that some people need to eat more than others do but the assumption in the restaurant seems to be that the norm is a very large portion and you have to really ask for a smaller one.

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"Last week we had a very large pizza offered to us plus chips, when in fact half a pizza was sufficient for me."

Labour MSP David Stewart, a member of the corporate body, was greeted with cries of "hear hear" as he announced there are "no plans" to reduce portion sizes, which he said are "based on standard catering practices" and offered alongside lighter options.

"I think the people have spoken," he said.

Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser chipped in: "What comfort does the corporate body have for all the growing lads and lasses round the chamber who occasionally would like larger portions?"

"We are thinking of reallocating members rooms so that members who need more exercise would have to go to the top floor," Mr Stewart replied.