Jubilee residents want their own party

JUBILEE celebrations are not going to be a flop in Gravesend, according to neighbours living in an aptly-named street.

Residents of Jubilee Crescent say they are going to turn their street red, white and blue for the Queen's Golden Jubilee this year.

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Back in 1977, the crescent, which was built to mark George V's silver jubilee in 1935, was filled with hundreds of children waving flags and drinking out of Jubilee mugs.

Residents promise as much royal revelry this year for the Golden Jubilee.

Great grandmother Marian Friend, 66, has lived in the road for 35 years and was one of the organisers of the silver jubilee party.

She said: "The party was brilliant and everybody in the road got involved.

"I was one of six people on the jubilee committee and we raised money by organising raffles.

"Prizes included a joint of beef and teddy bears.

"It really brought the community together and I would love to see another party this year.

Her daughter, also called Marian Friend, says she is now organising meetings with neighbours for the jubilee party.

Miss Friend, 41, who now lives in nearby St George's Crescent, said: "I was 16 at the time of the Queen's silver jubilee and it was great fun.

"I think there is still enough community spirit here to organise another street party this year."

Diane Hamilton, 37, also grew up in Jubilee Crescent and was 12 at the time of the last Jubilee party. She now lives in nearby Silver Road and wants to help organise a street party this year.

She said: "I remember being with my brother and sister and we all had Jubilee coins and mugs.

"I would love to organise another one for the children here today."

Jubilee Crescent is not the only street to organise a party.

In nearby Hamilton Crescent, mother-of-two Sharon Hazeleton has already contacted Gravesham Council to organise a party in her street.

Mrs Hazleton, 38, said: "We've got big plans for Hamilton Crescent.

"We want a party with a piano, disco and face painting.

"We are now going to submit a letter to the Highways Unit."

A Gravesham Council spokesman said the authority supported any plans the community had to celebrate the jubilee.