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Referendum News

Referendum News

  • Two prisoners serving life sentences who say rules which bar them from voting in the Scottish independence referendum breach their human rights have lost a fight in the UK's highest court.

  • SHE is expected to play a prominent role in next year's general election and Justine Thornton, the wife of the Labour leader Ed Miliband, will kick things off by campaigning on the streets of Scotland later today.

  • Alex Salmond has dubbed Glasgow "freedom city", stating that the latest polls indicate the city will vote for independence in September.

Other Political News

Other Political News

  • DAVID Cameron has rejected calls for the Tories to hand back a £160,000 donation to the Conservatives from the wife of a former member of Vladimir Putin's government.

  • LABOUR promised action to boost the number of women and ethnic minority officials in the upper echelons of the Civil Service, accusing the Government of having "lost sight of the diversity agenda".

  • ARMS and other dual-use military equipment worth tens of millions of pounds are still being exported from Britain to Russia, MPs have warned, despite fears Moscow has been arming the separatist rebels in Ukraine.

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