THE SNP is facing criticism after it emerged that members will not get a say over a possible second independence referendum at the party's upcoming conference.

The draft agenda for the SNP conference in October includes no mention of a potential repeat vote, as reported by The Herald on Monday, or last year's historic poll.

Jim Sillars, the former SNP deputy leader, told website CommonSpace that he knew motions regarding another referendum had been tabled by local branches. What makes it on to the agenda is decided by a party committee.

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He said: "Why the committee has not approved them for discussion at the conference is a mystery to me".

Former Yes Scotland board member Pat Kane told the website: "It does surprise me that an explicit item about the timing and circumstances of a second independence referendum hasn't appeared in the SNP conference topics.

"I'd have thought the militant character of the tens of thousands of post-Sept-18th members would have compelled some kind of response from the leadership group, even if only to placate them."

Nicola Sturgeon has so far refused to confirm whether she will seek a mandate for a second referendum at next year's Holyrood election. Despite SNP members having a strong role in setting party policy, the SNP leader has said that the timing of a possible repeat vote will be her decision.