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Does terrorism work? Following the Westminster attack and Martin McGuinness's death, politics professor Richard English explores the efficacy of violence in achieving terrorists' aims

Richard English author of Does Terrorism Work

THE Westminster terrorist attack and the death of Martin McGuinness last week have between them raised vital questions about terrorism and the pursuit of political change. The brutal incidents in London loudly proclaimed that jihadist violence…

12:08am Sunday 26 March 2017

Ex Catalan President banned from public life for holding mock independence referendum

Ex Catalan President banned from public life for holding mock independence referendum

The former president of Catalonia has been barred from public life for organising a mock referendum on his country's independence.

5:23pm Monday 13 March 2017

David Torrance: Prepare for long, slow dance around timing of second vote

David Torrance: Prepare for a long, slow dance around the timing of an independence referendum

Towards the end of her spring conference speech, Nicola Sturgeon evoked the late Canon Kenyon Wright’s rhetorical question regarding Mrs Thatcher’s opposition to devolution.

12:08am Monday 20 March 2017

As Others See Us: World's Press on Indyref2

As Others See Us: World's Press on Indyref2

It is, the French press says, the 'paradoxe britannique': that British nationalists want out of the EU while Scottish ones want in.

8:00pm Tuesday 14 March 2017

Independent Scotland would be at back of EU queue, says Spain

Spain's conservative government does not want to encourage a separatist movement in Catalonia

Alfonso Dastis was responding to the news that the Scottish government is planning to hold another referendum on its future in the UK.

11:26am Tuesday 14 March 2017

Sturgeon blames UK government as she throws down independence gauntlet

Sturgeon blames UK government as she calls second referendum

NICOLA Sturgeon has called a second independence referendum after insisting she “bust a gut” trying to get a bespoke Scottish Brexit only to be met with Westminster intransigence.

12:08am Tuesday 14 March 2017

Nick Clegg: Westminster should not impose 'fatwa' on second referendum

Nick Clegg

THE UK Government should not block a second referendum by imposing a “fatwa” against Scottish independence, former deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said.

12:09am Saturday 11 March 2017

Obituary - Gordon Stuart, remarkable linguist and custodian of Colliston Castle


Linguist and custodian of Colliston Castle

12:20am Friday 10 March 2017

Letters: Many happy returns to the fabulous Sunday Herald


A very happy birthday to all of you who give us this fabulous paper. Love it and long may you celebrate many more birthdays.

12:10am Sunday 5 March 2017

Agenda: This do-as-I-say diktat by the state does democracy a huge disservice

Barcelona's historic bull ring, picture courtesy of Galdric Peñarroja

SPAIN’S Constitutional Court, at the behest of the country’s right-wing Popular Party (PP), has overturned Catalonia’s ban on bullfighting, saying the nation could regulate but not prohibit the practice. The court ruling aims to defend the…

12:07am Monday 2 January 2017
Stories 1 to 10 of 822
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