Sean [Lineen] is the man, for sure.

From my own experience, he would try to build up a club-type spirit in the Scotland set-up. There is no doubt the players have been trying their hardest under Robinson – no-one doesn't when they are wearing the navy blue jersey. But, to my mind, they seemed to lack a group worth ethic and I think Sean could make that happen. I would definitely also try to get [Carl] Hogg from Gloucester. He is the closest thing we have nowadays to a Jim Telfer figure in terms of raw passion. Carl also may even have more technical knowledge than the great man.

Cammy Mather

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Sean certainly seemed to have the respect of the Glasgow players when he was there. I honestly don't think Scotland have been going backwards, like some people have been saying. I reckon the case is that other countries have been catching up. I also have the feeling that too many players don't play for the Scotland jersey these days.

Gary Armstrong

I would want the top guys at Edinburgh and Glasgow to do what Richie Gray did and move elsewhere to test themselves at a higher level week-in, week-out. That would save enough money to run three development teams in Scotland.

Colin Deans

The Tonga result was the straw that broke the camel's back, but we haven't been performing well for a while. Sean Lineen knows the guys and is an obvious candidate, and it would be good for the authorities to show more faith in the Scottish coaches, but, in the professional era, you have to pick somebody who knows how to win. I would like the new coach to be Scottish, but I'm not too bothered as long as he is capable of turning things round. It won't be easy, because we seem to have lost the knack of winning unless we are at our very best.


We shouldn't panic because we're three years away from the World Cup. I would go for Scott Johnson as interim coach to get us through the Six Nations and then go for a big name like Nick Mallett or Jake White. Sean's not had any international experience and that's a risk because he's never done international rugby before.

Kenny Logan

I would be looking at Bryan Redpath or George Graham, with Ian McGeechan as director of rugby and helping to create an environment where Scottish coaches are encouraged to rise through the clubs up to national level. We need our own style, to play to our strengths, and not keep trying to copy other nations. We were clueless on Saturday [against Tonga] and not all of it was Andy's fault, but if the players aren't listening to what he is telling them, then you definitely have a problem.


I want us to choose a Scottish coach, somebody who knows the domestic structure, and the players, because the last thing we need is to recruit somebody from abroad, who takes ages to get to grips with the rugby set-up in Scotland. If that means asking Ian McGeechan to come back and work with the likes of Sean [Lineen] or Gregor [Townsend], why not? It's time to change this mindset that we have to go searching for ideas and coaches everywhere else but in our own country. Andy [Robinson] was clearly a decent bloke and an outstanding motivator, but he couldn't make it work. So we have to go back to basics and hire a Scot to look after Scots.


Sean would be ideal because he has experience of Scotland and a good rugby brain, and he's an upbeat sort of character, as well. But there also need to be a lot of other changes. It used to be that playing at Murrayfield was special, something which only the best players got the chance to do, but Edinburgh are there every fortnight and some of the players seem to take it for granted these days. They also seem more interested in showing off their six-packs than carrying a ball or tackling.