Oh how Matt Busby would have loved to have been able to perform genetic surgery on the most gifted talent he nurtured to separate the footballing genius from the self-destructive boozer.

If Stuart Hogg is to be believed, however, evolution has done its work when it comes to George Best's long lost cousins.

"My brother and I have a bit of banter about it, in that I got the skill and he got the alcohol side," reported Hogg, whose kinship with Best was made public after he burst on to the Test rugby scene a year ago.

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All just a bit of sibling teasing of course, not least since Hogg's big brother Graham was a decent player himself who played professionally for a while, but then that is the nature of many Scottish families as the country's most shining talent further demonstrated.

"I haven't taken a lot of stick about the George Best thing because it's true," the 20-year-old explained. "The family have regular visits across from Ireland and back and I'm the only one who hasn't been there yet . . . and I'm the reason why we know them. I'm hoping to go over back end of the season. I've met a few of the family that have come across. They're daft to be honest.