Dunfermline Athletic's game against Dumbarton will take place on Saturday, despite the company that owns the club being in grave danger of going into liquidation on Monday.

Some suppliers were wary about providing the club with stock and services for the game, but fans have provided money to meet costs up front. Around £20,000 was required to allow Saturday's game to go ahead as normal.

"The game will take place," said Bob Garmory, a member of the Steering Group set up to try and rescue the club. "People have underwritten supplier issues so the game can take place. They are fans; one has spent £2000 on the pies so that £4000 or £5000 can be raised.

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"It's a testing time but we're hanging in there. When confidence in a business begins to evaporate, all manner of things happen which make life more difficult. Suppliers were worried that they will be out of pocket next week. The HMRC action cascades down and others lose confidence."

Talks over a rescue plan continue, but Herald Sport understands that the finance to buy out Gavin Masterton's 94% stake has not been raised and no formal proposal has been drawn up. If HMRC are not paid by 5pm on Monday, they will petition the Court of Session to appoint a liquidator.

Herald Sport revealed last week that the directors were considering a contingency plan of voluntarily placing the club in administration to buy time. Some fans and shareholders are concerned that the due diligence process begun on behalf of the consortium of fans and local businesses will be too narrow in it's remit and the results will not be fully circulated. Investors are unlikely to part with money until they know the full extent of the potential liabilities.

"It's a complex situation," said Garmory. "We're talking to people, but they've all got needs and expectations. We do know the clock is ticking."