LIVINGSTON have been left stunned by discovery that one agent stands to gain from every player sale at the club.

As Peterborough reignite their interest in highly rated midfielder Stefan Scougall and with Coll Donaldson and Marc McNulty attracting interest, it has emerged that an unnamed agent would collect 15% of any transfer.

In an arrangement that was said to be set up by a former director, Livingston majority shareholder Neil Rankine is furious with the deal and is speaking to the Scottish Football Association and the club's legal advisors in a bid to have it annulled.

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"We have got a very suspicious contract and it gives an agent a 15% slice of a transfer involving any player at the club for the next two years," said Rankine.

"It was signed by one of our former directors and lodged with the SFA. We would not have found out about it if we had not gone to the SFA recently.

"It was brought to our attention that Stefan Scougall's proposed £150,000 move to Peterborough in the summer collapsed because there were three agents wanting a cut of the money. In preparation for the January window, we went to the SFA and tried to establish who represents each of our players in their eyes.

"I was astonished to find out that there was an agent exclusively for the club who would get 15% of any transfer, it's outrageous. We have asked the SFA to investigate."