I know Dave King has put his money where his mouth is in the past.

He invested £20 million in Rangers and didn't get much, if any, of it back. But the statement he issued this week urging supporters to withhold season ticket money was the biggest step any Rangers fan could take.

I just wish there was another way he could go about this. It is so unfair to ask the fans to be the ones who effectively pull the trigger. So I can't sit here and say I agree with him asking them to cut off what is effectively the club's lifeblood and push it over the edge again. He has put a gun to the head of every Rangers fan.

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I know they are being asked to put their money in a fund, for release at an appropriate time, but if the current board don't give an inch, and the fans refuse to hand over the cash, what then?

A tipping point will be reached, and that tipping point will probably lead to administration, or even liquidation. All roads lead to that for me. And if you are asking me if ­administration is a good thing for a club, I would have to say that in my experience the answer is categorically no.

King would probably insist it is the board who have caused this latest crisis by refusing to engage with him over the possibility of fresh investment, but that just brings us back to the same situation of claim and counter-claim.

Having been asked to trust Craig Whyte, then Charles Green, then Paul Murray, and now Dave King and Graham Wallace, people don't know who to believe. Personally, I don't know whether to trust Dave King, but then I don't know whether to trust the Easdales or Laxey Partners either.

King does seem to be the flavour of the month with the fans. His statement was backed this week by a number of the club's supporters groups.

But one thing seems to be true about the Rangers saga: it is much easier to be standing on the sidelines shouting rather than being on the board and having to take the tough decisions.

Those who have taken the bull by the horns seem to have been turned upon, although I am not saying they have all been squeaky clean. The ones on the periphery of it, who have tried to manipulate their way into the club, they are the ones Rangers fans have rallied behind.

Even Ally McCoist doesn't seem sure which way to turn. He refused to speak about the matter at his press conference this week, but to be fair to him he has tried to keep his focus on the job and worked with whichever businessman has been in charge of the club at any particular time.

It must be hard to be that single-minded, and yet again he has to choose who to work with. It is amazing, with all these things going on in the background, that Rangers could end up with the League 1 title, Ramsdens Cup and Scottish Cup.

The obvious parallel is with the arrival of Fergus McCann at Celtic, but this isn't as straightforward as that, where it was a case of oust the board and rebuild the stadium.

At Rangers, this is the fourth or fifth attempt to get the right people in and it has been much more of a saga. We have been second guessing the situation for more than two years and so who knows how it will end up.

But I think King's statement is sure to have an effect on the club, and could even split the support. That is how uncertain things are, and how uncertain the fans are. It could divide the club, because I don't think all of them will go for the boycott and harm the club, because Rangers need every penny going.

The fans will ultimately decide the fate of Rangers, but I feel for them because they are between a rock and a hard place.

SCOTLAND'S Euro 2016 group could have been a whole lot worse, but it could also have been a whole lot better. It is probably as difficult a section as our last World Cup group, but we might not be the only ones cursing our luck.

I bet Poland, Republic of Ireland, Georgia will all be saying they would rather have avoided us.