Bobby Moncur is able to draw parallels between the current Hearts team and that which was relegated under his charge in 1981.

A former Newcastle United captain, he also has the ignominy of being manager the last time that the Tynecastle side dropped out of the top flight. However, he has acknowledged that he was able to ensure that some good did come of the situation.

Having arrived at a club where money was scarce, Moncur was left with a young, inexperienced squad which faltered in the league - the Scot signing such players as Gary Mackay and John Robertson. While they were unable to stave off relegation, both players would go on to become lauded at Tynecastle.

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A full 33 years on and a young Hearts team is also facing the likelihood of playing in the lower leagues but Moncur is adamant that it might still be possible to draw some positives. "When I went there from Carlisle I was a bit disappointed by the actual state of the club," said Moncur of his appointment in 1980.

"I basically said we're going to have to bring kids through on our own, the likes of Gary Mackay, Dave Bowman and John Robertson. Gary was on his way to Manchester United and Dave Bowman was on his way to Tottenham but I said 'you can be in the Hearts team a lot quicker'. Gary Mackay, Dave Bowman and John Robertson went on to have good careers."