The Scot in charge of the British water polo programme watched the home countries perform superbly in the Commonwealth Championships in Aberdeen, then expressed his dismay at the devastation caused by the brutal axing of funding for the sport, writes Kevin Ferrie.

Graeme Thompson, appointed performance director of GB Water Polo just a year ago, was shocked by the way the seven-year programme he had been asked to oversee was discarded by UK Sport, throwing the lives of athletes, coaches and administrators into disarray.

While much attention has focused on basketball since UK Sport - Thompson left that organisation to take up his current, soon-to-be-defunct post - decided to slash its support for several sports earlier this year, his experience outlines the damage done.

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"You feel utterly disappointed for the athletes who have lost their dream and a vision, and that's the hardest part, because some of their life choices, education, career, the sacrifices they have made and were