Allan Johnston, the Kilmarnock manager, admitted his team were embarrassing as they suffered a 5-0 humiliation at Hearts.

There was little sign of fight among the Kilmarnock players and their furious fans took aim at Johnston. They held up a banner reading "AJ out", while chanting that he was out of his depth.

"To be honest with you, that was embarrassing," Johnston said. "A poor performance. That's as frank as I can be. We've got to show more desire. That is unacceptable because our futures are on the line. If we put on performances like that, we're going to get relegated."

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Johnston could not hide from the stick he was getting from his own supporters. "Of course you are going to notice those chants.

"But you're the manager - you get the praise when it's going well, you get the stick when it's not. Deservedly so this time, because that's not good enough."