JOHN BROWN has urged Rangers supporters to pave the way for John Greig to end his self-imposed exile from Ibrox by standing firm over season books and forcing regime change at the club.

Brown last night offered his full support to the Ibrox 1972 trust set up by Dave King and Richard Gough, which is holding ticket revenue until Rangers agree to offer them security on the stadium, and spoke of the need for sacrifices to be made to get rid of the current hierarchy.

The 52-year-old, who played for the club throughout the nine-in-a-row years of the late 1980s and 1990s, left his scouting position at the League 1 champions two years ago in the wake of an exchange of views with the chief executive of the time, Charles Green, and is horrified that supporters have been pressed into paying their subscriptions to the club because of concerns they will lose their regular seat.

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Brown insists that Greig, voted the 'Greatest Ever Ranger', has stayed away because he disapproves of the direction Rangers have taken since he resigned from the board following Craig Whyte's ill-fated takeover in October 2011 and insists the Ibrox 1972 vehicle must be used to exert pressure on the powers-that-be to sell up and ship out.

He joins the likes of Alex McLeish and Lorenzo Amoruso in throwing his weight behind King, who lost an estimated £20m as a board member when investing in the club during the Sir David Murray era and has talked about committing a further £30m under the right circumstances.

"I have heard some fans saying they fear losing the seat they have sat in for years if they don't renew their season ticket," said Brown. "Everybody has to make a sacrifice for the greater good of Rangers. I gave up a good job, a well-paid job, a job I loved, working for the club I love, because I could not work for the regime which had taken control of Rangers.

"That is nothing compared to the sacrifice made by the 'Greatest Ever Ranger', John Greig. Greigy has made the sacrifice of not going to see the team he played for with such distinction, the team he managed and worked for for half-a-century. It is extremely sad that a man of John Greig's pedigree feels he cannot go and watch Rangers.

"Greigy is in his 70s now and he should be a revered elder statesman figure in and around Rangers. The fact that he will not go shows Rangers supporters just what the Greatest Ever Ranger thinks of this mob.

"My parents are Rangers fans and they are disgusted at what has been going on. Rangers must be saved for the memory of those who have served the club down the generations. Ran­gers should be saved for the generations still to come.

"I am proud to be associated with this campaign by the Union of Fans and pleased to line up with great Rangers men like Goughie, Big Eck and Amo. I am confident other Rangers names will join us. The sooner this board is emptied the better. Then we can all welcome John Greig back to Ibrox."

Brown believes it would be folly for any Rangers supporter to pay upfront for a season ticket without guarantees following the publication of chief executive Graham Wallace's business review, which revealed the club has burned its way through almost £70m in the last two years.

"Rangers supporters must not give this board a lump sum of money," he said. "If they are wondering about that, they should just look at the £70m which has already been handed over to this regime and spent. They should demand to know where that £70m has gone.

"I think signing up to Ibrox 1972 is the best option for that gives Rangers supporters the best chance of safeguarding Ibrox Stadium. What I would also like to see is the season ticket trust demanding similar security over Murray Park too.

"Right now, it is a question of trust and I do not think any Rangers supporter should trust this board with their money, or with Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park."