With the atmosphere building up around Glasgow in anticipation for the Commonwealth Games 2014 and more people trying out different sports, I caught up with some of the workers at Tollcross International Swimming Pool to hear what the Games mean to them.

Chris Paton-Smith, 27, operations team for 2014 Games

"It is so exciting having the Games in Glasgow, it is one of the main reasons I am here to be honest. I'm from Edinburgh but left to come here and the attraction was the Games. So far we've had the Scottish Nationals, British Nationals and the Para nationals, which was great. We met most of the guys that are going to be competing as well as seeing a few friendly faces that are here every day of the week.

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"I haven't even had a chance to stop and think about what a great experience this is because we are kept so busy. A lot of us are new having been brought here for the Games so we are all finding out about our roles. My job is all about problem solving which means there will be a lot of thinking on your feet on the day, but I prefer the spur of the moment challenges."

Keren Nairns, 19, lifeguard for 2014 games

"I am excited about this whole thing, it's going to be such a great experience for everyone involved and the atmosphere will be great. I applied as soon as I knew the games were going to be held here, I wanted to be in the thick of it since I live only 15 minutes away. It is going to bring such a good atmosphere and hype to the area.

"I'll be lifeguarding the event, so it's a front row seat for me, hopefully there'll be a bit of talent. Basically we just do water rescues and then hand them over to the first aiders so we already know about our role and as a lifeguard at the pool normally my job gets a bit easier in the games."

James Gilgannon, 53, gym and fitness instructor

"It's really buzzing round here just now, I just came back after personal leave but all the staff are excited and talking about the upcoming events. We've already had three main events, which were really good for everyone to know what they will be doing during the Games - everything ran really smoothly too which was brilliant.

"I've definitely noticed an influx of people at the gym. We are a state of the art place with excellent gym equipment, certainly one of the best in the city. We have always been popular but with the Games in Glasgow and the swimming at this venue, more and more people are attracted to coming here.

"You just need to go to the shop and you can feel the buzz. It's not even just here at Tollcross, the whole sport culture are putting on more events on all over the place for the general public and kids. It can only be a good thing, it'll be a lasting legacy. "

Emma Hunter, 22 years old, spectator servicer

"I am quite nervous, I have never done anything like this before. I need to make sure everyone gets to the venue all right and ensure everyone is enjoying themselves. I am usually mainly in the gym but it'll be really good to try out a new role as well as nerve-racking. I have all of my training in the next few months so that will be good to know what I am definitely doing.

"There is such a buzz about the place, such a great thing for the East end of Glasgow and for us with our great facility. There's been loads of new members since we re-opened so a huge influx of people which has been great. I remember when the hype first started, no one had a clue what was going on and then they announced this was the pool and it was incredible. It will create such a great legacy here for Glasgow.

"I really can't wait for the games. It'll be really interesting to see if everyone still has the fitness bug when they are over - I just hope we get the weather!"