Lewis Hamilton insists that his feud which erupted in Monaco with Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg is now "done and dusted".

Speaking for the first time since leaving Monte Carlo in a huff after he and Rosberg became the best of enemies, Hamilton admitted talks have since been held to clear the air. An incident in qualifying when Hamilton suggested Rosberg deliberately thwarted his bid for pole resulted in a frosty air on the podium as the German beat the Briton to reclaim the lead in the drivers' championship.

Various discussions have unfolded in the intervening days, with Hamilton tweeting last Friday that the situation between himself and Rosberg was now "cool".

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Speaking ahead of this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal - the 29-year-old Englishman has won the event three times, as well as having secured pole position on three occasions - Hamilton said: "I sent the message [the Tweet]. We spoke after the race. Collectively we spoke with the team and then we did so ­individually and, in the team, nothing has changed.

"The team has done a great job in supporting us, with the way it's run, with Paddy [Lowe, executive director, technical] and Toto [Wolff, Mercedes motorsport manager]. Their support for both of us has been great.

"We're now full steam ahead; we had dinner with the team yesterday, and things have never been better. We're just going from strength to strength.

"Just like friends, we have our ups and downs, we've known each other for a long, long time, but it's done and dusted. It's no different to any other experience Nico and I have had in all the years we've been racing together. We're now looking forward to working together to try and help this team win the constructors' championship."

With regard to their own title fight, with Rosberg ahead by four points, Hamilton added: "We move on, we're pushing forward. There's a long, long way to go in the season, and I'm looking forward to that battle."